SRAM motor technology

The Italian Group D&M has just finalized the development of an innovative e-motor, which could definitely steal a big market share to the most-common used PM motor in e-powertrain applications.

SRAM motor is the second generation of the SynchRel, featuring ferrite magnets, reduces losses by a further 3×20% (-20% than just published IE4 – 20% than future IE5 -20% than future IE6), potentially allowing it to comply with as-yet-unpublished and future IE7 efficiency norm.

Such high efficiency technology could become the best alternative to PM and AC traction drives, as a concept that provides an exceptional balance of performances and low cost, thanks to rare earth element-free design.

SRAM technology provides high efficiency and high peak power available within the whole use range, but the real breakthrough is its capability to not requiring a gearbox in all on- and off-road conditions, reducing vehicle components and its total cost.

Providing high torque at partial load, along with high power at full load, SRAM motor features a very wide field weakening allowing removing gearbox from the traction drive, nevertheless securing the vehicle gradeability as well as high speed. For those applications requiring field weakening higher than 1:3, PM motor is not a feasible solution. A ground vehicle without gearbox requires at least a 1:4 field weakening, SRAM motor, in its special version, can achieve a field weakening almost up to 1:10.

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